“We are excited to deliver individual investors access to income-producing private real estate in a differentiated strategy and structure”



Targets attractive risk-adjusted yield: Seeks to deliver tax-efficient yield with appreciation potential to income-oriented investors through diversified real estate investments

Flexible and thematic approach to navigate evolving market environments: Invest across three complementary investment strategies – stabilized real estate, prime single tenant and real estate credit – and a global (U.S.-focused with ability to invest in developed Europe and Asia) investment mandate to seek to optimize risk-return potential

Attractive positioning relative to equities and fixed income: May enhance an investor’s portfolio diversification, provides a potential inflation hedge and seeks to protect against rising rates


Fully integrated global real estate equity and debt platform: 165+ real estate investment and asset management professionals with access to KKR’s broad investment experience and powerful sourcing networks1

KKR Investment: KKR Balance Sheet has committed at least $150 million to the Fund

Aligned Fee Structure: Flexibility to pay fees in shares. Incentive fees on realized distributable income only, not on capital gains (realized or unrealized)


Investor-friendly: Daily NAVs and subscriptions via a ticker reduce operational burden of other REIT structures. Efficient REIT taxation and 1099 tax reporting

Diversified and scaled portfolio: Initial properties provide day-1 cash flow to investors

Learn More About KKR’s Real Estate Expertise And KREST’s Investment Strategy

Learn More About KKR’s Real Estate Expertise And KREST’s Investment Strategy


Income-Oriented Commercial Real Estate Exposure

KREST thematically invests in high-quality, stabilized, income-oriented commercial real estate equity and debt primarily in the U.S., with the optionality to extend exposures globally into developed Asia and Europe

(1) Participation of KKR Credit, KKR Capital Markets, and KKR Capstone personnel in the private markets investment process is subject to applicable law and inside information barrier policies and procedures, which may limit the involvement of such personnel in certain circumstances and the Adviser’s ability to leverage such integration with KKR. Discussions with senior advisors and employees of the KKR’s managed portfolio companies are also subject to the inside information barrier policies and procedures, which may restrict or limit discussions and/or collaborations with. See “Conflicts of Interest” in the prospectus for further information on KKR’s information barrier policies and procedures.

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